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Finally, we’re getting some demographic reports on the Non-Profit Tech Blog user. Quantcast’s verdict?

You’re a white male, definitely finished college, in mid-career or nearing retirement age, your household income is over 100k a year, and you probably don’t have kids. Ok, that profile may not fit you but that’s what Quantcast is saying. Strangely enough, that profile is very similar to Beth’s Blog as well. And the Blackbaud User Society as well as Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology skew the same way as well.

It seems about right to me. At least, when I go to the NTC most people have three or four of those characteristics. Of course, those charts only show the percentage skews of the user demographics I attract. It’s not giving me hard numbers to play with so I can’t really say with any authority what the average reader is like but that’s probably right for the general nptech reader and contributor.

I think if anything, it shows that we have a long way to go towards increasing racial and gender diversity in the ranks of nptech practitioners. That’s why I’ve been such a big fan of the Technology Service Corps program that’s run by NPower NY. I’d also like to see more people with varied socioeconomic backgrounds in the sector as well. Ideally, I’d love to see programmers come from the communities that we serve with technology. Long-term, it’s a better deal for everyone.

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  • On 10.23.07 Rachel said:

    Wow, I’m shocked! I thought people who viewed nonprofit geek blogs were young and hip and not so rich. Or, er, at least middle aged and maybe not *so* hip, and still not rich. I’d think this demographic were better suited for a site like We all work for nonprofits, and salaries are rarely above $100K, unless you’re in senior management. I do get the white, male thing though. Hmm…

  • On 10.23.07 Allan Benamer said:

    It’s household incomes not individual incomes that Quantcast was reporting. My guess is that in two-income households, the nonprofit person is holding down the lesser salary while his or her partner drives up the household income by working at a law firm or banking (at least here in NYC that seems to be the case).

    It also explains the huge amount of interest in my top 10 list of things that nonprofit web entrepreneurs should know. I guess there are lot of well-educated nonprofit entrepreneurs out there looking for advice.

  • On 10.24.07 Rachel said:

    Thanks for the clarification on household incomes. I live alone, so I assume everyone else does too. ;)

    I’d like to preface the below by saying I love the idea of Quantcast and have Quantified my own nonprofit’s website.

    Something still doesn’t sit right with me regarding your demographics. I have a hard time swallowing the idea that a nonprofit tech geek blog is being viewed by almost retired people (even “web entrepreneurs”). If you take the NTC07 as an example core audience, I’d say the average age was probably middle age (taking in my own further bias as someone in their early 30s and felt that most people there were closer to my age). I wonder what would happen if you added a poll about your visitor’s age groups to see if it matches Quantcast’s demographics?

    I went hunting a little for some other quantcast weirdness and stumbled on this (which I found through their blog): “The site attracts a primarily male, college educated, more youthful group.The typical visitor reads ScienceDaily, frequents iVillage, and patronizes”
    This is a Quantified site… so, a primarily male, more youthful group patronizes Er… que?

    I know it’s not an exact science, but I guess I just wish I knew more about how the panels work. I read their FAQ but I crave more info. I should really write to them, too, but I know how passionate you are about this, so I thought I’d write here too. If I get some good explanations, I’ll happily post them here too!

  • On 10.24.07 Allan Benamer said:

    Well, I understand. If it was just this site’s demographics, I thought it was skewed kinda oddly but other nptech sites show the same skew in their Quantcast ratings. This is where it’s too bad that NTEN doesn’t show their Quantcast ratings because they would serve as the reference site for nptech in the United States. My guess is that their ratings would skew the same way and would serve as a very strong indicator that the demographic we serve is the one that Quantcast says we’re serving.

    As for the “lack” of youth, don’t forget there’s a pretty decent skew towards people in mid-career on this site and other nptech sites. This includes people just getting out of grad school and moving on to other things, as well as people taking on their second job in the nonprofit sector.

    I’ve written to Quantcast before about other things. I can ask them for you if you want.

  • On 10.24.07 Chris said:


    Thanks for quantifying and you definitely bring up some good points in the conversation. At Quantcast we employ a convergent and holistic model of the Internet. What this means is that we combine panel data, survey data and directly measured traffic data to come up with a highly accurate model of the Internet. From this we can gauge the demos of individual sites.

    One of the most interesting things you will see on the profiles is the audience composition and the share of visits pie charts. Most people know there core audience that reads the site every day, but don’t know their passerby audience very well. We find that the demographic of this audience can be very different. In the case of a blog, a visitor who comes to your site because of the content of a specific post vs. a visitor who comes everyday because they like reading that author. We are working on new ways to help publishers differentiate this in their profiles but it is interesting to see how different these audiences can be.

    Hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any other questions and thanks for quantifying.


    [email protected]

  • On 10.24.07 Allan Benamer said:

    Ha! Chris, you just saved me an e-mail. Thanks for responding. I take it though that you won’t divulge the paneling secret sauce? I’d love to know how big your panels are, how often you use them, and how do you weight them viz. directly measured traffic data and survey data.

    Secret sauce, Chris! Can we have some?

  • On 10.25.07 Peter Gulka said:

    Apparantly I have a very small core group of members (1%) who make up 24% of the site traffic…

    That’s interesting. Maybe I should make them staff.

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