This is a section devoted to educating tiny nonprofits that can’t afford IT consultants. I know that many tiny nonprofits have trouble with basic steps such as getting a Website up and getting e-mail running correctly. These articles are written so that you can point and click your way through the setup. If you find any issues or problems you want addressed, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected]

How To Get Your Small Nonprofit Up on the Web in Three Parts

How to Buy A Small Nonprofit IT System

How to Set Up WordPress for Your Nonprofit

Suggest articles you would like me to work on by leaving comments below.

* Thanks to Alex Diacre of Google for his help on making the Google Apps tutorial be as accurate as possible. It was impossible to do without his help.


  • On 06.17.08 Meredith said:

    I’d love an article about how to set up a Podcast. It’s something my organization wants to do but we have no idea where to start, what we need to buy, etc. Thanks!

  • On 07.23.08 Dr Dee said:

    Look for a person that can help get a flash project to work for putting together our website. I am trying to make a pushbutton telephone, that everytime you press a button for your telephone number a picture, tthen I want it keep a record of all who dials the number, then enter there name, and other info.

    I can be reach at [email protected]

  • On 05.19.10 How to start a nonprofit… | Blog, by Shannon said:

    [...] you decide to go ahead, here are some steps to get started. Here are some instructions for getting on the web at very little cost. And the most important thing, what you need to know about raising [...]

  • On 08.04.12 kickgrafadpiz said:


  • On 09.01.12 Clyde said:

    I currently use WordPress and I would love to find a way for members to have their own page where they could upload a few pictures and raise funds for us. I suppose this would be like Blackbaud's "Friends Asking Friends" but we are so small I doubt we will be able to afford it.

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