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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google and are forming a partnership that might integrate with Gmail and Gchat. That’s a very interesting development for everyone and not just in the nonprofit world. There’s been talk of such a merger or buyout occurring before this. It’s a natural alliance of two very smart companies that are leveraging the Internet and their respective business models to the hilt. Nobody knows how deep the alliance or partnership will be but I can certainly imagine a Google Apps and mashup very easily. As a Google Apps for Domains user myself, I can’t wait as the contacts manager within Gmail is substandard compared to

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  • On 05.23.07 edbong said: has much more then a technology… it has a sale force to sell to the enterprise market. No doubt to me… Google will sooner or later buy…… ask yourself… as a shareholder of both companies… would you agree? I would.
    Appexchange with Google Apps makes absolute sense from the user perspective as well. We just did something similar but open source…

  • On 05.23.07 Allan Benamer said:

    Hello edbong — hook me up with a beta account for I wanna see what you folks are up to.

    Google buy It seems like a no brainer to me but I think’s CEO Marc Benioff is a pretty driven man. I’m not so sure that he would be able to allow himself to part with so soon.

  • On 05.30.07 edbong said:

    Well… Marc has been working VERY close with Goolge anyway… and my guess is that in the end it comes down to the shareholders.

    For the Beta simply go to and sing-up.

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