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Google OpenSocial is released!

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Get your FAQs here and everything else here. Most important point for those of you looking to build an OpenSocial app? Google will host your app for you. The FAQ says:

Google will do all the hosting for you if you want, but you are also free to use your own servers.

That’s right, a major barrier to entry has been removed. No guarantees as to how Google will solve this issue but it looks like they’re extrapolating server load from the current loads on the servers they use to host Google Gadgets and I guess they figure that they can handle it. And no, there is NO SLA for Google OpenSocial. However, it comes down to a matter of trust of who you want to host your app. Which would you rather choose? Convio or Google? It’s still unknown what this means but I guess Google will do anything to make the developer experience painless if only to stop developers from making more Facebook apps.

And oh yeah, as of yesterday, some tiny social network called MySpace is part of Google OpenSocial now too. That’s a potential audience of 200 million or so users. Facebook has been outflanked. I’m stunned by how swiftly the momentum has moved to Google. This not only changes the game for social network users but widget manufacturers as well. Google Gadgets are going to become the de facto widget of the Web.

More good news for nonprofits too… Theikos is participating in the Google OpenSocial rollout. They’ve been mentioned before as a nonprofit resource. You can now get your and social app groove on with the same vendor. Nice. Next thing? How do we integrate Google Checkout with social apps? That can theoretically hit the trifecta… Google Checkout for Nonprofits, with the results saved in, in every social network but Facebook. It would be free and widely available — a definite double-plus good for nonprofits.

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