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Google Analytics is broken on Blackbaud Sphere — help fix it

Google is passing around a survey asking nonprofit users for their experiences trying to use Google Analytics with Blackbaud Sphere. Go here:

Some background here… Not only is Blackbaud terribad at doing ecommerce transaction tracking.  It’s also pretty horrible at conversion funnels. If you try to set up a conversion funnel in Blackbaud Sphere for anything but a one-step donation form, there’s a pretty good chance that Sphere will not present Google Analytics correctly during the transaction. This makes it impossible to track a user’s session as that user appears on your web site, searches around for a Walk-A-Thon to donate to and then steps through whatever steps are needed like donating to a team or registering for the Walk. I’ve brought it up with Blackbaud repeatedly and with vendors who live in the Blackbaud universe. Nobody has been able to crack this nut. I’ve done pretty close analysis on this and it’s as if there’s some sort of phantom page that gets thrown up after a form submit and the response to that submission and poof– it’s all gone. The Javascript doesn’t get presented and the user’s funnel is gone forever

I’m hearing word that a bunch of nonprofit techies at a Google conference have banded together to ask Google to intercede for us. If you’re a Blackbaud Sphere customer, PLEASE fill out that form. As a Google user, I’m happy they’re trying to help. I would LOVE to see Blackbaud and Google working together on these issues but somehow I think one of those parties isn’t going to be necessarily forthcoming. Guess which one it is?


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  • On 10.26.12 Jana Eggers said:

    Allan, we'll be 100% forthcoming in working with Google on issues. Do you have names at Google who are working on this? We will call them and immediately start working with them. Delighted they are interested! Thanks for your help in getting them there.

  • On 10.26.12 Rebecca Nevin said:

    Allen, As product manager for Blackbaud Sphere, I'd like to have a turn at trying to crack this nut. Being able to work directly with folks from Google would help immensely and I'd love to speak to you and walk through how we can improve GA in Sphere.

  • On 10.27.12 Allan Benamer said:

    Hey there Blackbaud people, I checked again to see if Blackbaud Sphere can actually make a conversion funnel work. The results are at:

    I would love to make this work so perhaps in a few days this issue can be resolved and I can document the URLs and regex patterns for other users to use.

  • On 10.27.12 Jana Eggers said:

    Thanks for the update, Allan. Looking forward to hearing back as to the status!

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