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Donors unite to rate nonprofits


GiveWell is a great new service to check out and a tremendous challenge to nonprofits out there. They’re a bunch of donors looking to leverage the Web so that they can ask questions of nonprofits. Their stated goal is as follows:

Our goal is to make it easy for you to do as much good as possible with your charitable donations.

We believe that in giving, as in everything else, generosity and good intentions are helpful but not sufficient.

Nonprofits should be thoroughly analyzed and compared with each other, in order to determine which ones can most improve the world.

We aim to do this in a transparent, centralized way, so that anyone and everyone can see and comment on what we’ve found.

I believe their questions: “what are you trying to accomplish? and… what’s your evidence that you can accomplish it?” are pretty darn reasonable. Let’s hope that more nonprofits can answer those questions! GiveWell people — e-mail me and I promise that I can get those questions answered in probably more detail than you want.

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  • On 03.01.07 Jeff Marginson said: service offerings are related to startup nonprofit and charity related activities.

    They are providing all the capability for FREE and just asking for monthly maintenance of the server and databases. I found to be excellent service for startup charity or non profit.

    Some key features are-
    - Web presence
    - Credit Card /Paypal Processing (for Donation / Raising Funds – If you can Sign Up online you can able to get this capabilities, no special settings needed)
    - Able to collect donation for multiple initiatives
    - Request for volunteer to signup for multiple Initiatives
    - Request for online petition signup
    - Request for speaker (someone can ask your service for public event speaking)
    - Online newsletter signup
    - Able to personalize all the contents
    - Option to select different template anytime
    - Easy and self-explanatory content management system
    - Manage all the content anytime & anywhere using internet
    - Able to see organization vital key activities from dashboard
    - Many more features….

    Best Suited for:
    – Charity
    – Fundraising
    – Community related activities
    – Political Candidates/Parties
    – School and Alumni activities
    – Non-profit

  • On 03.01.07 abenamer said:

    Gee, that was kinda off-topic and spammy feeling. Really, Jeff, please be more thoughtful in your next post.

  • On 01.24.09 Mike Wood said:

    NOMINATE GREAT VOLUNTEERS. I have a new TV show that travels America and helps the most amazing volunteers to fund their projects. If you know of someone deserving, please let me know and we might be able to show up and surprise them with a big financial gift. Don't tell them because the surprise is part of the show. Mike 213-925-8848

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