, npwidget, Social Entrepreneurship, Startups joins the ranks of widget makers is now the THIRD Flash-based widget maker for the nonprofit sector. It looks like the sector is really heating up around this technology as people are realizing the ramifications of a revenue stream built on donations to nonprofits. Nothing like getting a small, thin piece of a potentially large pie!

Below is from Ben Rattray’s e-mail to me regarding the widgets:

As compared to Chipin’s widget, I think there are three things that make us different. First, we have access to Guidestar’s database use the nonprofit JustGive to process donations, so we can assure donors that their money will get to the right place (instead of relying on the paypal accounts of fundraisers). Second, our widget is more customizable, allowing users to add their own photo, choose any color, and write their own personal message. Third, our approach is much more than just about processing donations. One of the things we’re trying to get away from are what I call “transactional” donations, where someone will write a check because their friend asks them to and never learns more about the organization or gets connected to its cause. The fallout from this type of transactional giving is huge donor attrition. What we’re trying to do with our widget is not just get one-time donors, but to help start developing long-term supporters by connecting people who click on the widget to others who have donated to the selected nonprofit, allowing them to read reviews of the organization written by supporters, and inviting them to join its community.

Readers, please check out their widget building page and come back here to write your impressions about’s new capabilities. When I find time today, I’ll head on over there myself.

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  • On 03.16.07 Tim said:

    The widget does not work in MySpace, the widget appears but the link to donate does not work. Not sure if that works on other sites.

    Also, they cannot prevent someone from making an “anti-widget” which defames the nonprofit or includes objectionable pictures. Not sure if nonprofits are going to like this feature.

  • On 03.16.07 Allan Benamer said:

    Hmm… I wonder what would my nonprofit do if someone was raising money for us using a Bumfights video. I guess this is possible in other endeavors not related to widgets. I’m pretty sure a nonprofit could ask to cease and desist but I’d have to ask what are the chances?

  • On 03.16.07 Heather said:

    The widgets are awesome… and the link does work… and spreading on MySpace. Why the guys above want to slam a good thing and put the fear of the worst case scenario (very Bush-like) in all our minds instead of giving kudos is just… well… rain on THE parade. Thumbs down for them, thumbs way up for the widgets!! Now small nonprofits can fundraise online easily and expensively.

  • On 03.16.07 Ben said:

    This is Ben from Thanks for the post, Allan!

    Tim, can you point me to where on MySpace you’ve tried to click on the donate button to no avail? It’s up on a few pages already (see and, and it works everywhere we’ve seen it.

    Also, I suppose it’s feasible that someone could create a widget and say unfavorable things about an organization. But they can say unfavorable things about an organization with or without a widget, and I’m not sure why they would go to the trouble of creating a widget that helps fundraise for an organization they don’t like when they could just post negative comments directly on their MySpace/blog/website. So I don’t think it’s too much of a concern.

    Either way, please do let me know if you still can’t get the widget link to work in MySpace – and we’ll be on it.



  • On 03.16.07 Heather said:

    Oops… I meant unexpensively!

  • On 03.16.07 Allan Benamer said:

    Awww… I got downrated and I got called Bush-like! Sorry, Heather, but the question that Tim raised is EXACTLY the kind of question an ED will ask concerning the widget. Nonprofits are very careful with their image (as that IS their biggest asset) and they don’t want to see it hurt. In general, I don’t think the chances of an anti-widget are very high for say, the ASPCA, but social services nonprofits are always conservative about imagery because people love to attack our clients (literally, in the case of my organization, Coalition for the Homeless). I hear you though, it is a good thing for widgets to exist — and I believe Flash-based widgets are technically safer than regular ones.

    I’d love to see a MySpace that holds the widget. You got a URL, Heather? Show me the widget! Never mind, Tim’s comments were stuck in the approval queue because he put links in there. Links I asked for. [shaking head] Anyway, go take a look!

  • On 03.16.07 Heather said:

    Hi Allan,

    You can thumb me down and we’ll just call it even!! I know what you mean about being careful with their image, but those days are pretty much slipping away. Web 2.0 has changed everything. So instead of fearing it, I say, embrace it. In fact, not embracing will hurt nonprofits in the long-run.

    For example, there are a lot of “unofficial” MySpace profiles for nonprofits on MySpace. Fans (not employees) are basically presenting the image of that nonprofit on MySpace (as official)… they are not professional marketers and the nonprofits have zero control over what that person is doing in their name on MySpace (Facebook,, YouTube, etc.). Nonprofits were slow to jump into social networking because of fear that they couldn’t control the message… but had they done it right away all these unofficial MySpace profiles wouldn’t be out there. Fortunately, that has changed significantly in the last few months. Nonprofits are jumping onto MySpace in droves and this fundraising widget… once word gets out… is going to speed up that trend 10-fold.

    I love it!

    As far as attacking clients, I never seen a mean spirited fake nonprofit MySpace… ever. I was actually concerened about that… someone who hates the ACLU for example, would create a spoof ACLU profile… so a year ago I grabbed and handed it over to them. But in that year, still I ‘ve never seen a mean-spirited fake MySpace profile… not one… in a community of 163,000,000 people.

    One in a million may do so with the Change widget… create a fake widget to fundraise for a nonprofit they hate… let’s just hope he or she isn’t reading this blog!

    Finally, I’ve seen three Change widgets on MySpace today, but can only find one at the moment:


  • On 03.16.07 Heather said:

    Here’s another one:

  • On 03.16.07 Tim said:

    Heather, not sure why you are taking such exception to my original post. The point is, a whole bunch of companies now have fundraising widgets – from what I know, that lists includes Carebadges, Firstgiving/Justgiving, Chipin, DonorsChoose, Convio/GetActive, Kintera, Network For Good, and perhaps a few others, so the fact that now has one as well is not exactly a groundbreaking development. I thought the point of this thread was to do a little compare and contrast of the various widgets rather than simply heap praise on for joining the pack.

  • On 03.16.07 Tim said:

    Hi Ben,

    Yes, I just checked again and the widgets are indeed clicking through. Not sure what happened earlier, could have been on my end. Good to see that they work there.

  • On 03.16.07 carnet said:


    Hey.. congrats on the new widget! This is going to be a really fast growing way to fundraise for sure! Chipin is releasing our new widget management platform this month so that any online community can now have their own fundraising widgets with their own branding. It will be fun to see all the different fundraising widgets traversing pages online… we will have to compare notes! Hopefully we’ll see you at NTC when we roll out our launch.

    Maybe we can connect our soon to launch new community site with in the future to build a truly robust engaged online community.

  • On 03.16.07 Heather said:

    Tim… none of those “widgets” are compatible with MySpace… and they aren’t widgets in the Change sense. The are graphics with a link to a donation page and they have no viral capabilities at all, except ChipIn, but ChipIn donations are through PayPal (no 501c3 certification process)… Network for Good’s charity badge isn’t compatible with MySpace… isn’t on MySpace (yet). FirstGiving is a graphic, not a flash widget (that tracks donations and provides html code for viral marketing purposes)…. same thing with Convio, DonorsChoose and Kintera. They are not widgets that are viral… they are graphics with a link to a donation page. Not even in the same realm of possibility at all.

    Plus, donations are filtered through a nonprofit…… and Change has the social network behind it. There is nothing like it out there. Trust me… I am on MySpace 10 hours a day. This is huge. That’s why I am so excited about the widget… because no one else had created one compatible with MySpace. Look at the widget more closely…

  • On 03.16.07 Heather said:

    Actually I take that back… seeems to be on it as well, but I have never seen one MySpace. They’re cool but they aren’t viral (copy and paste) and I can’t find on their website who processes their donations or what their cut of the donation is? Do you know? This is going to heat up fast!

  • On 03.16.07 Ben said:

    Carnet – Sounds like you guys are doing some really interesting things. I’d love to connect at NTC and talk about how we might be able to work together. I guess I’ll email you offline for that :-)

    Tim – you’re no doubt right that the fundraising widget space is getting crowded, but I think the key here is that, to perhaps summarize what Heather said, “all widgets aren’t created equal”.

    MySpace is still a hugely untapped area for nonprofits and viral fundraising because there is still no drop-dead easy way for someone to select a nonprofit, do a little customization, and drop a personalized fundraising widget into their MySpace page which anyone can share. You’re right that it’s not rocket science (and we’re sure not rocket scientists), but we are the first ones to have done that. Sometimes it’s the little things that count.



  • On 03.16.07 Tim said:

    Heather, in addition to Chipin widgets, Carebadge badges also work on MySpace. Allen mentioned that is the “third” flash-based widget, so if he was not referring to Chipin and Carebadges as the other two then there would be 2 others that work there as well.

    And if I may dare critique, nonprofits have no role in creating the badge and promoting it to their supporters, whereas with Kintera, Convio etc the nonprofit can design their widget and promote to their users. In other words, with the nonprofit has basically no role in the badge-based fundraising, whereas with the other services the badges are an integral part of their overall fundraising efforts. I’m not saying that this means that the model is still not beneficial to nonprofits, but from a nonprofit perspective I would much rather “own” my badges and supporters.

  • On 03.16.07 Heather said:

    I don’t what you mean by saying that nonprofits have no role in creating the widget? Here’s a nonprofit that just did:

    Sure… people who don’t work at FARE can create a fundraising widget to fundraise for FARE… but I highly doubt FARE will mind…

    I am a perfect example… I created a widget for the Africa Wildlife Foundation today… put it on my two of my MySpaces. I don’t work at AWF… I work at a university… and I’ve already raised $60 for AWF. Do you think AWF will mind? No… I think they’ll more likely be compeltely puzzled as to why they get a check from next month.

    I’m telling you… Change nailed it… how long they stay number one… now that’s another story, but credit should be given where credit due… critique them if you like, but can you not see the importance of this at least?

    Are there any other women in this debate? Women are the majority of the nonprofit employees and donors… where’s are you?!

  • On 03.16.07 Beth said:

    The original post noted:

    “One of the things we’re trying to get away from are what I call “transactional” donations, where someone will write a check because their friend asks them to and never learns more about the organization or gets connected to its cause.”

    The widget does not cultivate donors – whether it connects them to a donation page or online social networking platform. A person does and a person within an organization does. In addition to a widget, you need a donor cultivation strategy. It’s all about the relationship.

    As I’m sure Ben knows, fundraising isn’t all about the ask (although its important), it’s the how you engage people in your cause. Whether it’s online or offline — whether it is being done by an official staff person or someone else. The organizations that are masters at – donor cultivation, donor appreciation, donor stewardship – are the ones that will get beyond transactional donations. Whether those donations come via a widget, phonathon, special event, or direct mail campaign.

    Granted, there are many organizations that need to learn how to do better donor cultivation and not be asking for money all the time. And, some of the larger institutions may only be focused on the larger donors and not pay attention to smaller donors.
    I used both the ChipIn widget and Network for Good widgets to raise money for a cause I’m associated with – the Sharing Foundation – we raised a lot of dollars and we added new donors to our list.

    It has been our policy that all donors receive handwritten thank you notes from our founder. (The notes are written on postcards created out of children’s illustrations or photos of children in Cambodia that we support). We thanked all our donors via email messages as well and have added them on to our mailing list – they will receive our newsletter and updates from us – as well as invitations to events. We asked our volunteers and board members who asked their friends to donate to our widget campaign — we asked them thank them for helping us raise the money. We’ve kept them updated about our work — and we haven’t asked them for another dime. (yet) For the Leng Sopharath campaign, I have been sharing the personal letters that I receive from Cambodia and the photos with the other donors who chipped in to pay for that. It’s the relationship, not the tools.

    The widget and social networking platforms are tools or a conduit — period. People give money to people they know or causes they care about. They keep giving money because a relationship has been established.

    While MySpace has the largest audience on social networking platforms and, yes, perhaps it is the way we will build donor relationships in the future. However, traditional fundraising methods – direct mail and the more traditional online fundraising approaches are still working. You can’t make a comparison to the newspaper business where they are loosing ad revenue … yet.

    With that said, I do think, Heather is correct, that organizations need to be exploring social media and social networking strategies – and adding them to organizational strategy repertoire. However, given that we are dealing with institutional cultures and change – adoption probably won’t happen at the same rate as young people adopting myspace. So, a savvy organization will be working looking at the total picture and looking at small experiments that build institutional knowledge in using these tools.

    This also points out the role for technology stewards – someone who knows the tools and the organization’s fundraising practices and helps guide appropriate choices and strategy development.

  • On 03.16.07 Ben Rattray said:


    I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said – in particular your comment that “people give money to people they know or causes they care about.” This is exactly why I think social giving (or giving through social networks) can be so powerful, and it’s one of the core concepts we have built our service around.

    As I see it, widgets are a great marketing tool, no more, no less. Because nonprofit websites are rarely destination sites, the best way for nonprofits to get exposure on the web is to be where the people are – and that means blogs, social networks, and other personal websites. Widgets provide a great way for nonprofits to leverage their supporters in creating a distributed marketing operation across the web so they can touch people without requiring them to go to their website.

    But as you said, people do not give because of widgets. They give because of the people who created the widget, because of their personal connection, and because of the stories that person tells about the important work of an organization they care about or the impact it has had on their life. If I look at the organizations and causes I care about, almost all of them came through a personal contact, and it’s these personal connections that form the basis for facilitating engagement and raising money through on

    As far as the second step – turning one-time donors into life-long supporters – you are no doubt right that active and personal donor cultivation from nonprofits plays a critical role. But I think integrating donors into an online community where they can connect to each other, share stories, and engage in dialogue about issues the nonprofit is working to address, can go a long way toward giving donors a sense of membership (indeed, ownership) in the organization and therefore in transforming them into life-long supporters.

    In short, as you put it, it’s not about that tools, but the relationships. And I think social networking services, and in particular, is a tool that facilitates these relationships in a unique and valuable way.


  • On 03.16.07 carnet said:

    Fantastic discussion here… and a timely one indeed. I think the concept of connecting people across social networking boundaries is going to take off. When I mentioned the abillty for the community to connect with the network, I mean in the same manner and concept that Open ID is making single sign-on easier for people. Another good example is how different Drupal installations allow users to sign on to each site using their single credential. Services like explode, MyBlogLog, and others are starting to create atomized social networks.

    The future of distributed fundraising is active giving. I think that Network For Good put out a report that talked about the average size of online donations being relatively small. I can see a time when people start to make many small, strategic donations that leverage resources to needs. The power of using widgets and such for fundraising online is not always to raise $1M, but to raise $10K in a day for an urgent need.

    Back to Beth’s statement.. it is about the organizer’s passion to advocate for a cause and blending that with the right tools.

  • On 03.17.07 Heather said:

    Dang… my message didn’t post. Long post cut short… I run:

    There is a new generation that doesn’t even check their e-mail more than once a month and barely watches TV and doesn’t read newspapers. They are online. They are social networking. The hand-written note is great for the older generations who are used to that and appreciate it, that’s how they have been cultivated, but the younger generation (35-40 and under) is communicating and getting their information in radical new ways. They want you to post a comment on their MySpace or Facebook wall that says “Thanks for the donation!” so everyone else can see they donated (and hey they want to donate too because they want to see their picture on Change’s giving network). They don’t care about the handwritten note (and don’t you dare spam them with direct mail funding appeals… two a year tops)… they’d prefer you save the paper and resources. And this generation has cash and is passionate and just needs a little help learning about nonprofits… because the communications most nonprofits are using now don’t reach them. They are very happy to find a cool new nonprofit on MySpace.

    Rather than just the old school read-a-website-or-newsletter experience with a nonprofit, social networkers are intetacting daily with nonprofits and their supporters. This is realtionship-building. And now they get to fundraise for them! OMG… this is so cutting edge, so grassroots, so democratic, so full of possibility for social change… I just feel so grateful to be running the nonprofit organizations myspace… to be a part of this.

    Beth… the Share Foundation has MySpace, but it looks like they need some help (and the Change widget):

    That’s what I am trying to do… nonprofits jump on MySpace and then don’t know how to use it. I am a resources for them. Have them send me a friend request.

    OMG, and the widget yesterday… the flurry of excitement!! This is what they have been waiting for. Especially the small grassroots nonprofits that have very small marketing budgets. Traditonally, they have been shut out of the web because they can’t afford a fancy website or the staff time to created a dynamic online/e-mail/fundraising campaign… Web 2.0 has changed everything for them. They have all of the that now for free. This is my favorite part… all these small, struggling motivated nonprofits with great missions standing out on MySpace and… building a brand for themselves… reaching a huge new audience… while the big one’s… Amnesty, WWF, People for the American Way, etc. sit back and think about going into social networking… contemplating every worse case scenario… fearing for their image… and all that… sorry to lose my patience, but jeez… just get with it already I say!!

    With the exception of Ben who created his own social network (the donation aspect of that is brillant… makes you want to donate!!), who else in this debate is social networking?

    Anyway I got to run!! Have an excellent weekend everyone!

  • On 03.17.07 Allan Benamer said:

    I’m actually very sympathetic to Heather’s points — I no longer have cable, hooked up my computer to the TV and I watch YouTube and Heroes (on the web) that way. I really prefer IM over e-mail, etc, etc.

    Unfortunately, Web 2.0 is just as hard as Web 1.0 was for many nonprofits. They are unwilling or don’t see the necessity to add a person to pull the levers behind a campaign just like they do for special events or direct mail. It’s silly I know and it takes an extreme amount of internal prodding to get people to change. In the IT Director business, it’s called change management and not many nonprofit techies are good at it (including myself).

    The main nonprofit social networks I’ve seen is and There were people who were in startup phase but they seem to have stalled in their efforts, I think, Heather, that once you’ve worked in the nonprofit sector long enough you’ll see how and why the reluctance to join social networks is created. You’ll find various parts of the sector extremely reluctant to join. I wish someone would do a good study on technology adoption in different sectors of the 501c3 world. My guess is that my particular sector, social services, is perhaps the slowest to adopt new technology.

    So I’m very glad you joined the conversation, it’s extremely important that we get that perspective in the nonprofit world but have patience with nonprofit management — very few of them have plastic outlooks that can accept changes in technology or workflow. Frankly, that’s part of the deep subtext behind the conversation about widgets.

  • On 03.17.07 Heather said:

    Thanks Allen… and very cool that you have embraced many of the Web 2.0 tools.

    I have worked in the nonprofit field for 15 years… then completely burnt out because social change was so elusive and apathy was getting me down (not to mention the religious right)… so I retreated for two years… then went on MySpace 11 months ago and now more energized and hopeful than ever! I am just getting into and hadn’t heard of GlowFish… is coming too.

    You are completely right about individuals resistance to change… especially in technology… it can be intimidating. That’s why this convesation is so important! I also run:

    College adminstrators are more frightened of Web 2.0 than any group on the planet, but slowly they are coming around too.

    This is great and so true:

    Frankly, that’s part of the deep subtext behind the conversation about widgets.

  • On 03.17.07 Beth Kanter said:

    Allan: You hit the nail on the head with what lies beneath the widget debate!


    I agree with you! But what I am saying is that it isn’t a black or white thing. Given that we’re dealing with organizational cultures, if we’re going to have true adoption by nonprofits, the approach is going to be having one foot in the old ways while experimenting with the new. As much as we’d all like to see rapid transformative change – I don’t think it happens that frequently.

    Most of my work in nonprofit technology has been on training, evaluation, and research related to adoption/change of technology issues … that’s my interest in web2.0 … I’ve been working in nonprofits for abou 25 years, with the last 15 on technology issues. I’ve been on the web since 1993, starting with bbs/fidonet before that. Like Allan, my personal media habits have also changed — and I’m noticing that they are very different from my age cohorts.

    I believe that it is going to be able incremental adoption and action learning over time that will make true adoption for nonprofits possible over time.

    BTW, the myspace page you are pointing to is not the “sharing foundation” – it is for the “share foundation” – the organization I work with is the sharing foundation.

    I set up a profile a profile the other day

    after doing a bit of a roundup about myspace/nonprofits and discovering your site

    And very much I’m in that place that Allan describes — “now what?”

    So, with that said, if you’d like to participate in an action learning experiment with me – give me some advice on how to proceed

    I’d be happy to give you a wiki account or communicate via what ever channel you are most comfortable using.

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