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Courtesy of techcrunch, one of the first true social networks for nonprofit constituents has gone live today. Actually, check out the comments. The commenters have contributed a long list of other nonprofit social networking sites. However, is more of a general social networking site so they’re more unique in that aspect. doesn’t seem to have penetrated the nonprofit tech blogosphere yet but if you hit techcrunch’s front page I guess that’s good enougn. should be up next in this space…Where you at, Salzman?

The beta was very interesting. I’ll take a look and report back.

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  • On 02.07.07 Ben Rattray said:

    Thanks for the post, Allen! I was actually just about to email you a note about this, but it looks like you beat me to it.

    I look forward to hearing more of what you think once you start playing around with the site!


  • On 02.07.07 abenamer said:

    Yup — just added my pic to the site. I’m trying to figure it out from both a user perspective and from the nonprofit perspective. I’ll probably have to figure this out while I’m on vacation…

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