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Blackbaud Completes Kintera Acquisition…what’s next?

What’s next is that Blackbaud can finally blog about the acquisition. The most important in my mind is in regards to Kintera and Raiser’s Edge. Here’s the Q & A:

Will Blackbaud integrate the Kintera CMS (Sphere) to The Raiser’s Edge?
Yes. Blackbaud plans to develop an integration solution from Sphere to The Raiser’s Edge that is the best in the industry. Nonprofits place a high value on having a truly integrated solution combining online and offline interactions in a single database. This is one of our highest priorities now that the acquisition is complete and will be available before the end of the calendar year.

So there you go… no specifics as of yet. Again, the issue of having a roadmap from CRM vendors is raised. Send Steve MacLaughlin some questions. I suggest you send him scans of old Route 66 maps with suggested destinations such as “Open API” and “Open Platform”. And oh yeah, will the custom entities in the Kintera API survive the acquisition?

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  • On 07.09.08 Peter Gulka said:

    At the Blackbaud confrence in November I would love to see some stuff from Shaun Sullivan about how this impacts his work.

  • On 07.10.08 Sasha Daucus said:

    I would wonder whether Blackbaud is going to continue supporting eTapestry, too. Seems likely they would want to consolidate.

  • On 07.10.08 Allan Benamer said:

    True true Sasha. I’m curious to see what happens to eTapestry as well.

  • On 07.14.08 Mike Rusche said:

    Maybe I can help with that question. No one can ever promise things will stay the same forever, however eTapestry customers should not worry about eTapestry or the support of eTapestry going away. What I find more curious is that this is still a question being raised. It seems that this has been addressed on several occasions in different forums, by different folks and the answer is always the same. eTapestry is alive and well and a wonderful addition to the Blackbaud family of products.

  • On 07.14.08 Allan Benamer said:

    Sorry, Mike. It’s hard not to think that eTap is going to go away. There’s no published roadmap and not even PR directed at it. However, I see today that there’s a new guy over at Blackbaud taking over the eTap division (and a bunch of other ones as well). I don’t know if that’s good or bad. You should know the obvious maxim here: business FUD abhors a PR vacuum.

  • On 07.22.08 Pete Viele said:

    Will Blackbaud also integrate eTapestry’s database with Raiser’s Edge, and if so, when? Thanks-Pete Viele

  • On 07.23.08 Norman Reiss said:

    Glad to see this is planned, but it’s a bit too late for my current organization, which has long struggled with integration issues.

  • On 03.16.10 Idealware said:

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