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Bet on Facebook Causes!

Project Agape

Well, it looks like we have two takers, myself and Bill Templeton. We’ve been beating each other up on a comments stream about whether or not Project Agape is a runaway success and now is the time to place the bet we discussed in the comments.

My Google glow-in-the dark cup (a virgin cup at that in the sense that the glow-in-the-dark components have to be snapped in order for it to glow)
Google glow in the dark cup


Bill Templeton’s eBay RASCI the Decision Making Mongoose
RASCI the Decision Making Mongoose

And just to make this more charity-oriented, Bill and I will donate $50 to the charity of the winner’s choice. Project Agape, the maker of the Facebook Causes App has agreed to submit the numbers for December 2007 to make this bet happen.

I’ve held back on this post because I was looking for a decent platform where all the other readers of this blog could participate in the bet. I found it at Inklingmarkets is a decision market where you can buy stock in a market that answers a question. It won’t cost you anything but your time. No money is exchanged. Inklingmarkets will give you $5,000 in virtual currency to play with. And you can use that virtual currency to participate in the new market I just created which is supposed to harness the wisdom of this blog’s readers in answering the question: Will the Facebook Causes app raise more than $825,000 in December 2007?

Basically, if you short the stock, you’re betting against that outcome happening but if you go long on it, you’re betting on it to happen. Unfortunately, as the market maker, I’m not allowed to “invest” in the outcome but you can. Go over to inklingmarkets and check it out.

If you’re interested in placing the following charts on your blog or web site, inklingmarkets has the appropriate instructions for installing the widgets.

I really hope that you all participate in this market. It’s a great way to get a whole bunch of people involved in discussing Facebook Causes, the future of nonprofit marketing and being involved in probably your very first decision market!

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  • On 01.21.08 InklingCuriousity said:

    It is now mid January. Who won the bet?

  • On 01.22.08 Allan Benamer said:

    I think I lost the bet. Joe Green is not returning queries regarding their December figure. I can only conclude they didn’t pull it off. I’m going to write a larger article about this when I get the time.

  • On 12.04.09 Christopher May said:

    Wow, what a great idea for a site and betting. You really have to be inspired to pull something off like this. Great job.

  • On 12.06.09 Christopher May said:

    You can actually make a bet on Facebook? I agree free marketing is the way to go. Great site by the way

  • On 12.07.09 odds betting said:

    You can actually bet on facebook? That is a new one to me. Great article by the way

  • On 10.25.13 moving to costa rica said:

    i just like that google cup in picture

  • On 10.25.13 Boarding School said:

    I also need that google cup

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