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API Examples for Nonprofit Technologists

If you’re evaluating a company for how well-documented their product is, the best bet is to look at their API documentation. It should look like this: or like this,

However, I just happened upon a nicer and more understandable format at:

Notice the general openness of the documentation. It’s as if the people on the other side actually want you to adopt their API and add copious notes and don’t saddle you with a goofy interface.

Anyone willing to post a nonprofit CRM API that looks at least as good as Google’s or Twitter’s? Feel free to go nuts in the comment section.

I have the feeling we’re not going to see something like that from Blackbaud.





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  • On 08.24.12 John Funari said:

    We are currently in the process of documenting our REST based API at StratusLIVE. We have already built some integrations on top of the product leveraging these APIs and are looking to really start pushing these out to developers over the coming months. You can follow along on our progress on GitHub as we document:

  • On 11.05.12 Matt Parker said:

    I wrote it, so I'm not going to claim it's as good as Google or Twitter(!), but I spend a lot of my time reading API docs so I've tried to put some effort into making them helpful.

    The feedback we have had makes me realise how important cut-and-pasteable working examples are.

    Anyway, our API docs are at

    Always interested in feedback…

  • On 06.25.15 Kyle said:

    If it's an API with a similar look and feel as twitter you're in the market for, you really need to look into Orghunters API, It offers a smooth fast real time platform, that can be easily incorporated into your website or even your mobile application, You can view this here Also if you want a look and feel for the api, you can go to Orghunters website and click on the map widget, and it will take you to it on their site, it is very aesthetically pleasing, and effortless to use. Ever since we incorporated this API into our website, our donations have increased and we've even have several donors comment directly to us on how effortless the donation process has become, and that they can feel confident donating to us as this API guarantees real time information, and even tells the donor if their donation to this organization will be tax deductible! Overall we are very pleased with this product, and would recommend it to anyone.

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