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If you wish to advertise on the Non-Profit Tech Blog, you can use Google Adsense and create a custom placement. Please follow the instructions below.

To do this in Google Adwords, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the campaign containing the placements you want to change.
  3. Click the appropriate ad group.
  4. Select the Placements tab.
  5. Click Edit placements and bids at the top of the table.
  6. To change the default bid that will apply to all placements in the ad group, enter a new value in the field marked Maximum CPM or Maximum CPC (depending on the bidding type you’ve selected for this campaign).
  7. To assign a unique maximum bid to a given placement, append two asterisks to the right of the appropriate placement and enter the bid amount. This maximum bid will override the ad group’s default bid. If the campaign is a CPC campaign, this will also be a CPC bid. If the campaign is a CPM campaign, this will also be a CPM bid.
  8. If you want to track a specific placement separately, or if you’d like your ads on a particular placement to lead to a different landing page, append two asterisks to the right of the appropriate placement and enter the destination URL. You’ll find examples of this format to the right of the placement field.
  9. To add new placements with unique maximum bids and destination URLs, enter each placement in this format in the URL field:
  10. Placement ** Maximum bid ** Destination URL

  11. Replace ‘Placement,’ ‘Maximum bid,’ and ‘Destination URL’ with your own values. Be sure to retain the asterisks and spaces between each value. Make sure to replace ‘Destination URL’ with ‘’.
  12. If you leave the ‘Maximum bid’ or ‘Destination URL’ spaces blank, the system will automatically default to the maximum bid listed near the top of the page, and to the destination URL you entered when you created your ad.
  13. Verify that your URL starts with ‘http://’ or ‘https://’.
  14. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you decide to do a custom placement.

Also, please do not advertise in the comments below. Those are for questions regarding this page. It’s not for you to put up a link to your site or a job posting.


  • On 10.02.09 Jon Biedermann said:

    Allan, I am curious if this method of self advertisement pays off. I would think a phone call or email would be in order, especially considering the magnitude of the advertising/investment opportunity.

    It just seems too complicated.

    Having said that, you have a great blog, and I know it generates traffic. I just wish you would update it more. :)


    Jon Biedermann
    Vice President
    DonorPerfect CRM Fundraising Software

  • On 10.02.09 Allan Benamer said:

    I know I know. It looks insanely difficult. I prefer that Google handle the ads and not me so I can insulate myself from the need to attract more eyeballs just to help out the advertiser. That said, I'm also too lazy to use my own ad server nor have I joined a particular ad network that might better serve me.

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