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This web site is a “safe” space for all those harried non-profit IT directors/sysadmins/developers to share experiences and wisdom regarding the IT non-profit sector. While consultants and vendors are more than welcome to engage in comments, we prefer comments from the non-profit worker/manager/director. At the same time, let’s not get too afraid to get technical; let’s turn this blog into a “Make” magazine for the non-profit nerd. I’m also really dedicated to accountability and transparency in the nonprofit IT sector.

I was the IT director for a medium-size non-profit in hovering at $10 million dollars revenue a year. I’ve been in and out of the non-profit sector having also worked as the first Webmaster at the California Courts ( and as a Web consultant during the bad old days of the Internet bubble.

I’m now the Executive Director for socialmarkets. We are creating a marketplace that will allow donors to connect to nonprofits in a meaningful by providing donors with reports that outline what happened to the money they donated. By providing these outcomes to donors, we hope to change the focus on what nonprofits purchase, to what they accomplish.

Traffic statistics for this Web site are available at The blog serves roughly 10,000 page views every month.

For the Press

Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 347-229-1375. I do interviews but please try to give me at least 24 hours notice.

For PR Firms
I do not do product reviews of  technology that are primarily for the private sector. There are plenty of sites that do that. If you want me to talk about your nonprofit Web site, please be prepared to do a telephone interview and have your engineers ready to talk about your technology.

Rules for Commentary

What’s banned

Racist, sexist, and/or homophobic remarks and unsolicited commercial content will probably never make it out of moderation unless I feel that the post should be brought to light on the Web so that the poster would have to live it down until the end of his or her days.

My moderation policy
I will try to release every post untouched. It’s not a promise but let’s face it – editing a comment is just a bit sneaky.

I will also try to answer every post if it’s directly addressed to me. However, the ban policy still applies so your comment won’t get posted if you call me some nasty name.


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